Renaming Every Single Tabel in MySQL Database to Lower Case on XAMPP Server

I actually use Ubuntu every day. But sometimes I perforce work with Windows, because my client familiar with Windows. In this case, my client is government. I had to teach an application that I made to the staff with windows OS.

Well… That’s just introduction that I sometimes work with XAMPP-Windows server.

In that case, I found trouble when importing MySQL database on XAMPP-Windows. Every single table name on it rename to lower case. This made my application doesn’t work at all. And here’s what to do when your MySQL rename every single table name;

1. find [drive]\xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini

2. look up for: # The MySQL server [mysqld]

3. add line lower_case_table_names = 2

In some case that I have read, you must add that line at the end of file

4. Save that file and restart your MySQL


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