Signing Your Android Applications

Yeah, it seems easy task for ‘real developers’ but not for beginner.
The easiest way to do this by Eclipse, so you must have an Eclipse before we start and ofcourse, you must have an Android project to signing. If you don’t have it, take a look into this tutorial.


(1) Start your Eclipse 😀


(2) File – New – Other – Android Project from Existing Code




(3) Choose your Cordova application that you made before with Netbeans



(4) You can see MyApp and MyApp-CordovaLib.



Right click at MyApp – Android tools – Export signed application package and follow the step

(5) * Create new keystore

** Location: Your location file to store your new keystore

** Password: A password for your keystore


* Key Creation

** Alias: Alias your application

** Password: your keystore password

** Validity (years): Your validity years application

** Firstname and Lastname: You already know it 😀

** […] Clear description and you can click next at the bottom of the form


* Destination apk: Fill with location and name for your apk and Finish.



Congratulation! you made it. You can upload MyApp.apk to your google play account.


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